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Packing Materials Guide

Whenever you move house, you will need to make sure that the house contents you transport reach your new residence without blemish. To achieve this aim, you will need to make a minor investment in packing materials. Luckily, many firms sell packing materials on the cheap – and don’t let low priced packing materials fool you either, because cheap moving boxes can often be of high quality! However, go too cheap and you can risk damaging your items in transit or during the unpacking process. Go for branded materials every time!

In short, you will need moving boxes of various different sizes (depending on the contents), bubble wrap for keeping fragile items safe in transit, permanent markers for marking the contents of boxes, and tape for sealing boxes and attaching bubble wrap tight to your contents. These are absolutely vital to a good move. You will also need scissors, and may want to buy sticky labels to mark the contents of boxes and files, and even packing peanuts!

Your first step, however, should be to conclusively identify what you intend to move. Once you’ve done this, you can get a good idea of the packing materials you need, and what volumes you will need to purchase. You will also have a good idea of any specialty moving materials you will require. Remember, moving many particular items requires specific moving accessories. You won’t know what you need until you organize and finalize your moving materials.

You can buy packing supplies in many places. Some websites have packing materials for sale online. Many moving companies also sell packing materials like boxes and bubble wrap etc. Take the time to compare prices, so you know you’re not overpaying for packing accessories you can buy more cheaply elsewhere. However, bear in mind that many packing suppliers only sell in wholesale amounts – you will need to find a packing materials supplier online or elsewhere that specifically sells packing boxes to individuals, not just companies!

Many people think they can save money on their moving services by sourcing their packing boxes from supermarkets. However, retail boxes can often be flimsier and less durable than specialized packing boxes. You don’t necessarily need to buy plastic packing boxes – this sort of packing solution can be expensive, and really, many cardboard packing boxes you will be able to find for sale are just as good, if not better. The best cardboard packing boxes can be collapsed for ease of storage, and can be reused again and again – and they usually come at a minimal cost!

If you’re stuck for what packing accessories to actually buy, a good tip is to get in contact with a friendly moving company. The best removal companies will be able to offer you advice on what packing materials you will need. Some moving companies even offer comprehensive moving and packing kits, which contain all the packing materials you need to complete your moving project. You will be able to find moving kits for specific rooms in your house, or for your entire house, depending on your needs! Chances are, buying a comprehensive moving kit will cost you less than buying packing materials individually!

If you are moving artwork, pictures or mirrors, you will definitely need specialized packing materials. Many companies sell mirror boxes for moving mirrors specifically. You may also want to invest in frame protectors for fragile framed goods. If you are moving files, you will want to buy file boxes.

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