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Commercial Moves


Commercial Moving Services

Commercial Moving, unlike residential moving, moving your business or office requires the speed, precision and detail planning. It is very specialized field, and its success ultimately depends on the experience and level of commitment on the part of the movers. We understand that you have your daily business to get on with, customers to take care of, services to provide and an organized space to operate from. The key element of a successful Commercial Moving is minimum disruption to your business.

A Helping Hand consultant will develop a move schedule with a detailed time line that explains our recommendations for carrying out the move in the most efficient manner. The move schedule will establish dates and times for Crates deliveries, tagging and marking, packing, building protection, the main move and any post moving activities.

Upon receipt of approved floor plans from you or from your move coordinator, we will set up a meeting with your staff to develop a color coding and numbering system which will properly identify all items to be transferred and their exact locations at the new premises. At that point, our consultant will begin the process of reserving vehicles, equipment and labour.

We have completed many office moves, factories, banks, doctor’s offices, ICBC Agencies and the many others. We have completed large corporation moves as well. A few examples are The Bank of Montreal and many Auto plan agencies. We have also relocated many manufacturing companies. BANG ON the big Vancouver t-shirt companies, entire factory with 12 very large printing presses and their entire inventory, which included moving their 14 offices which had over 20 office staff members was relocated successfully.