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Who doesn’t love IKEA nowadays with its simple, stylish and affordable furniture? From solid oak beds and wardrobes to chic Scandinavian tables, DYI enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that they can assemble the appliances by themselves. If you’re not one of these people, though, this may not be the most fun activity. Especially when moving houses is on the agenda. Avoid amateurs’ mistakes and move your IKEA furniture like a pro with the following tips.
Get the Right Measures

Imagine your dismay when you move to a new home and your favorite furniture doesn’t fit. Before dissembling anything take a tape measure of all your pieces and then check if they’re suitable for your new living place. It’s worth visiting your new home to make sure that the furniture will not only fit physically, but also stylistically. Think whether your pieces match the building’s atmosphere. It will give you the opportunity to think about how to position your items. The next step is to think whether you’re going to transport your IKEA furniture as it is or you will disassemble it.
Ask For Help

Although IKEA instructions say that two people are completely enough to assemble the furniture, this is not always the case when it comes to taking it apart. You should involve as many people as possible. This is low cost furniture that, if wrongly disassembled, can get damaged. You will need to find those instructions that you recklessly put somewhere. In case you have thrown them away, look online. Download PDF guides from the manufacturers’ estate. IKEAFANS is a useful site for finding any kind of information related to the products, especially if you are on your own in this experience. Of course, the easiest way is to just move it the way it is. This will require more additional space, but it will save you the efforts.
Keep It Together

If you decided to go with the disassembling option then collect your screws and dowels in plastic bags. There is nothing more frustrating than finding out that you have lost the small but extremely essential parts. For each type of furniture, use plastic sachets with tags. If you lose some piece, don’t overreact. Luckily IKEA sells spare parts.

One of the reasons why some IKEA furniture is so inexpensive is that it’s made of particle board. This is somewhat a cheap and fragile material. You should properly pack your furniture putting extra pads between each part. When moving whole pieces you should be extra cautious and hire professionals. Here is when disassembling comes in hand. Taking apart your furniture will lower the chances of ruining it.

When you finally finished with the moving process, it is time to get everything together. Why not play with your furniture? The good think about IKEA is that it uses standard shapes. If you have similar pieces but in different colors you can mix them. This is optional, but it will bring interesting and unique look to your furniture.

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