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From a friend`s or colleague`s recommendation to a long search in magazines and internet – there are plenty of ways to find the perfect removal company for your international removals. However, it would be quite easier and less stressful if you know exactly what you`re looking for in advance. It`s not only the type and amount of your inventory, neither only the exact moving date. That`s only a hint of what`s to come, because next are few more important hints to keep in mind while searching online, for example.

First, it`s recommended to know the exact type of items and objects that you want to move to a different country, because from this yet important step depend all the other steps like the choice of packaging materials or the size of the moving van. Spend at least a couple of days only for sorting your inventory and get rid of all the useless pieces that you don`t need any more. This will help you to sort the important ones, which you are 100% sure that you will want to take with yourself abroad. A moving checklist is another must have, because even the simplest checklist can make the moving to a new house easier. It comes to a couple of lists or a sheet with several columns – one for the name of the room, another column for the items from that room, a third column for the size and weight of the objects, and another one for the condition of the objects. After compiling a strict and comprehensive checklist, it would be quite easier to sort all your items according to the size of the moving boxes, the protection measures, etc., while chilling up with a cup of fresh coffee in the meantime.

The next important step is to request quotes. When you already know the amount of items that you want to move, it would be easier to fulfill the strict criteria in the quotes. One of the main tasks of the international moving companies is to make the relocation easy and not overwhelming regardless of the country, and so it`s very essential to take your free time to consider all the opts when requesting quotes. No matter in which point you are with the relocation services to the new house – you should know the type of the new house. Mention in the quote whether it is a flat, a studio or a big two-floor family house or larger. Therefore, the removal agents can easily get a clear idea of the amount of the items for the relocation, because a big family house can accommodate much greater amount of items and furniture, than a small studio. On the other hand, from a quote for a relocation to a small studio, one can expect a relocation only with small removals.

Decide which complimentary services you may need like preparation of international passports, visas or other documentation. Moving abroad is often a long and complex process that requires a myriad of procedures and to-do`s, but your removal company can do most of them for yourself. Just ask for their complimentary services or look at their sites when requesting quotes. From wrapping methods according to international standards and protections for pets, to the type of transportation, recycling and cleaning services – you can make your move even easier.

When searching for the perfect removals company for your move – pay extra attention on their connections with partners abroad. They are often local delivery and moving companies from the new country, and it`s good to know in advance more information about their services too.