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A Guide to Efficient Student Removals


Moving house is an undoubtedly stressful and time-consuming process, especially when you are a student with a limited budget. More so, if your tenancy agreement expires right when your exams are around the corner or when your lectures are not leaving you any space to breathe, moving homes can simply be a nightmare. But, if unfortunately you do find yourself in a situation stated above, or do happen to move house because the new one offers a great view, it is a good idea to plan ahead and keep organised, to make your move as stress free as possible.

Below are certain pointers or a moving checklist, which can allow you to seamlessly make a move to your new abode, without causing sleepless nights.

  1. Chalk out a plan in advance. Don’t leave things till the last moment, as that would be a sure shot recipe for disaster. If you need to order boxes to pack your things in, call for them far in advance, to ensure that your belongings are safely packed and set to go. You can order the boxes online, or if you want to go cheap, talk to your local store manager if they have any spare ones to lend. Usually such stores have quite a few extra, which you can grab hold of.
  2. If you are planning to hire a removal company or a moving company, make sure you do a thorough research. You will find an array of cheap removals online which wouldn’t fall hard on your pocket. There are many movers available which would suit your budget and can be quite useful in your relocation.
  3. It’s important for you to make quick calls to your service providers, such as internet, insurance company, TV licensing, credit card providers or your bank, to get your details changed in their records. If you forget doing that, all your bank or credit card statements would be piling up at your old residence. Your address might also be registered for various subscriptions for magazines, journals, or books, which would also need to be changed. If your landline number is changing as well, it would be best to get that updated too.
  4. Jog your memory and try remembering who else you have given your extra house keys to. If your friends, relatives, neighbours, or colleagues have your keys, make sure to take them back before you vacate the property. These keys have to be returned to the agent or landlord, and if, by any chance you have lost one of them, in case you had two or more, make sure to get a duplicate made. By getting a copy made yourself, you would save a lot more than the penalty levied by the agent/landlord for losing the key.
  5. Have you made a note of the phone numbers and email ids of all your important contacts yet? If not, then do it immediately, as that’s something which would surely slip off your mind. You could need help from your estate agent, solicitor, or your handyman in the future, so it’s best to keep a handy record with you.
  6. If your move is to an entirely new geographical location, it would be best to keep your doctor, dentist, or optician in the loop. Inform them prior to the move so that they have time to suggest changes to your prescriptions if you are on any.
  7. Have you borrowed a book or some DVDs from the local library? Well if you have, then ensure that you return those before your moving date. You would not like heavy penalties to haunt you, as they would surely track you down.
  8. And finally, get in touch with your internet, phone, and TV providers, and make necessary arrangements to disconnect their services from your old property, and get them connected to your new home prior to your move. Otherwise, you would have to do without your emails and Facebook, which would drive you crazy for sure.