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We are all used to looking at our furniture as a single object, and often times forget that everything is in fact a sum of numerous pieces put together to create it. So the thought of actually disassembling a unit might never occur, but when you have to move the sofa, or replace a damaged part, it all comes to properly dealing with the parts of your furniture, or else it might be damaged.

Here are some general tips on how to do it yourself.

* Give yourself enough time for the job – do not start a late night repair, even if you are sure you can handle the job. Unexpected things can happen and lead to complications of various nature. Start on a weekend day, work carefully and strive for result, not fast finish. It is better to work slow and steady, so the job is properly done. Haste makes waste, keep in mind.

* Make sure you have prepared the right tools – do not start an activity you cannot finish, simple as that. Check your tool inventory and make sure that you have the proper items for the operation you are about to perform on your furniture. You work with your hands, but it is the tools that work on the furniture. Using the wrong means for the job can not only increase the time it takes for a simple task, but may also damage a piece.

* Identify the pieces that need to be disassembled – planning before disassembling is essential. Every piece of furniture is unique in design and must be handled with regards to it. Carefully check the guide for disassembling, if unsure where to start from. A single piece removed wrong can damage the furniture or make the process a lot harder if you are not careful.

* Measures are important – before you move out or bring in a piece of furniture, take the proper measures of your doors and rooms. This can save time and often times a lot of effort. If something fits through a door, there is no need to disassemble it, or only take few parts apart, not the whole piece. Use proper measurement techniques to get the numbers on height and width and never trust your eyes only.

* Get help – we can all be very confident in our skills in fixing everything, but getting an extra pair of hands working with you is always a good idea. Lifting heavy parts or keeping something in place while removing certain pieces, the extra person will not only save time, but also a lot of effort. When it comes to more sophisticated designs, consulting with proper specialist is not only suggested, but required. You do not want to do something wrong.

* Keep an eye on hardware – there can be a large number of small pieces, screws, fasteners and a lot more that can easily get lost in the process of disassembling. Make sure you keep all of it in check in bags to prevent it from disappearing. A good idea is to stick the parts on the inside or outside to the furniture. This can also serve as a guide when assembling it back.

Disassembling, whatever the reason for it, can be made easy or hard. Given enough time and the right tools, you can properly do it yourself. But always remember to follow the correct guidelines and steps to assure a job well done.

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